Dimanche 5 Avril 2020

L’association “Les Guides-Conférenciers Sud-Provence” a le plaisir de vous faire découvrir le portrait d’une collègue qui mérite d’être à l’honneur, Agnès Rodriguez,  président de l’association de guides AGUICAT (l’Association des guides habilités de Catalogne). Cette association s’est constituée en défense du métier de guide face à la prolifération des faux guides et des free-tours dans les rues de Barcelone, lesquels se répandent en discours incontrôlés et souvent fantaisistes sur la Catalogne.

Elle se bat pour de meilleures conditions de travail pour les guides professionnels, qu’ils soient salariés ou indépendants, face à la concurrence déloyale des faux guides qui leur est imposée dans les rues de Barcelone. Elle compte aujourd’hui 371 membres.


” En défense du métier de guide habilité”

Agnès Rodríguez is a woman that defines herself as open, careful, resolutive, talkative and bossy. These are some of the qualities that she integrates into her profession, as Agnès is a guide in Catalonia and Barcelona, her native city, although sometimes she expands the frontiers abroad, specially towards Norway and Canada. She is qualified as a guide by the Generalitat de Catalunya, she speaks five languages and has thirteen years of experience in this profession around the world (Czech Republic, Croatia, Belgium, among others). Despite enjoying her trade very much, it has not always been her first choice. She studied history in the university and worked in many things not related to tourism, in exception of a job as an entertainer in a hotel, where she already showed her resolutive and communicative abilities. Some years later, from her fascination with the profession, she studied a guide module and subsequently got her guide license.

Agnès presents herself as a person worried about the well-being of the city and its citizens, aware of the impacts of tourism and knowledgeable of its limitations, aspects that she tries to share with the visitants she guides through the city and the companies she works with. Moreover, she is part of a fight for the dignification of the guide profession and against the precarious labour conditions which they are submitted to. This is done by the Association of Tourist Guides of Catalonia (AGUICAT), of which she has been president for the last two years.

This association is formed by 371 members and works for a responsible, respectful and quality tourism, through the experience of the tourist and, specially, through the labour conditions and satisfaction of tourism guides. Through the work carried out by AGUICAT, the profession has been made visible in schools, monuments and institutions. It has also been fought for those who are dedicated to being a guide to carry out quality work, transmitting truthful information and collaborating in improving the working conditions of the union, while emphasizing the need to pass a knowledge test in order to become qualified as a guide.

Agnès affirms that she feels very proud of the work carried out by AGUICAT and that, even nowadays she has made way to a new board, Agnès expresses her intention to continue raising her voice on an individual level, not only for the guide profession or on behalf of the tourism activity in general, but also for the welfare of the city.

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